Specialist Sports Trophies North Yorkshire

Are you looking for a special gift for a very special sports nut in your life? Are you a friend, family member or partner to someone who’s just accomplished something amazing in a sport they love? Are you a coach or trainer who wants to help someone celebrate a special achievement? Have you worked your way through trophy shops after trophy shop all over North Yorkshire only to be met with frustration at every turn? All too often we can find ourselves perusing shop after shop finding that either there’s no trophy for the specialist sport of your choice or that all that’s on offer is cheap plastic tat that would be an insult to the recipient and the sport.

Do you feel that your sport deserves better? That you and the recipient deserve better? Mark Fox and Fox Mouldings agree with you wholeheartedly. That’s why Fox Mouldings offer a wide range of completely unique and bespoke trophies for a range of specialist sports, created by a master craftsman with decades of experience.

So much more than just specialist sports trophies

Fox Mouldings use timeless manufacturing techniques to create beautiful and unique mouldings to create an infinite range of trophies, statues and ornaments. The only limit is your imagination. It’s safe to say that there’s way more to us than just specialist sports trophies. Take a moment to peruse our online store and you’ll find a stunning range of unique, bespoke pieces including;

Football trophies
Replica weapons for display
Golf trophies
Male and female bodybuilding trophies
Powerlifting trophies
Bespoke statues
Horse racing / horse and jockey trophies and statues
Military figures from a range of eras

Time honoured-production techniques

It’s pretty much impossible to create something beautiful, special and timeless using painted plastic. Unfortunately, we live in an era where much of what we see in the shops is the same array of mass-manufactured, low quality produce from far away countries…. And that’s hardly conducive to finding a gift that’s special, beautifully and completely unique.

The good news is that quality craftsmanship using time-honoured production techniques is alive and well. Mark Fox has dedicated decades to keeping the proud history of British ingenuity alive using techniques that go right back to the bronze age. Unlike so many specialist sports trophy manufacturers in North Yorkshire, Mark will never sacrifice quality for quantity. He will always take the time and effort to craft a trophy that is both beautiful and unique.

Having spent over 30 years honing his craft, Mark has delivered countless unique trophies, statues and gifts to happy customers all over Thirsk and all over North Yorkshire for many years and can’t wait to bring his unique sensibilities and craftsmanship to your project.

The all-important finishing touches, applied by hand

In an era where shop shelves are filled with identical mass manufactured products, the little touches, flourishes and idiosyncrasies can make a big difference. They’re what makes a sports trophy as beautiful and singular as the achievement it represents.

Our high quality crafted trophies are moulded using a detailed model which offers far more detail than most mass-manufactured equivalents. Mark adds all the elegant finishing touches to these trophies by hand. It’s a painstaking approach, but it’s one that gives your bodybuilding trophy the sense of uniqueness and craftsmanship that its recipient deserves.

Get in touch today on 01845 574243 or email foxmouldings@hotmail.com to see what we can do for you!