Bodybuilding Trophys North Yorkshire

Are you looking for a special gift for the body building enthusiast in your life? Are you a personal trainer who wants to help their client celebrate a special achievement? Are you part of an organisation arranging a bodybuilding competition? Have you scoured your way through trophy shops all over Thirsk and the surrounding areas, only to find shelf after shelf lined with cheap and disposable looking plastic trophies?

A special achievement deserves better! You deserve better! You deserve something that’s completely unique and bespoke, created by a master craftsman with decades of experience.

If you need a unique bodybuilding trophy made with real craftsmanship, you’ve come to the right place. Mark Fox of Fox Mouldings has years of experience using time-honoured production techniques to create stunning quality bodybuilding trophies in North Yorkshire that are built to your exact specifications.

So much more than just bodybuilding trophies

There’s a whole lot more to Fox Mouldings than just bodybuilding trophies. If you come to us looking for something unique for the bodybuilder in your life (whoever he or she may be) you may just find that we have the perfect gift for someone else as well. The beauty of Mark’s timeless manufacturing process is that it can be used to craft any kind of trophy, statue or figure. As well as a wide range of male and female bodybuilding trophies, you’ll also find;

Football trophies
Replica weapons for display
Golf trophies
Powerlifting trophies
Specialist statues
Horse racing / horse and jockey trophies and statues
Military figures from a range of eras

Time honoured-production techniques

It’s sad that we live in an era where so much of what lines the shelves of stores is mass-manufactured, low quality produce from far away countries. It’s especially frustrating when you’re looking for something extra special and utterly unique. The good news is that Mark Fox is keeping British ingenuity alive with time-honoured manufacturing techniques that go right back to the bronze age. Mark will never sacrifice quality for quantity and will always take the time to craft a bodybuilding trophy that is as beautiful as it is unique.

Having spent over 30 years honing his craft, Mark has delivered countless unique trophies, statues and gifts to happy customers all over Thirsk and all over North Yorkshire for many years and can’t wait to see what challenge your unique project brings.

The all-important finishing touches, applied by hand

It’s true in all things that the little touches can make a big difference. It’s most definitely the case when it comes to delivering unique and beautiful trophies that are as beautiful and special as the achievements they represent.

Our high quality crafted trophies are moulded using a detailed model which offers far more detail than most mass-manufactured equivalents. Mark adds all the elegant finishing touches to these trophies by hand. It’s a painstaking approach, but it’s one that gives your bodybuilding trophy the sense of uniqueness and craftsmanship that its recipient deserves.

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