Powerlifting trophies

Powerlifting trophies

Nothing says ‘well-done’ like a hand-finished, bespoke statuette purchased specially for the purpose. That’s why, if you have a powerlifter in your life and you’re looking to congratulate their successes, you needn’t look any further than our powerlifting trophies.

Fox Mouldings for your powerlifting trophy needs

Since our inception in 1987, Fox Mouldings has gone from strength to strength, with statuettes that never fail to impress. Using hand-cast moulding not dissimilar to methods 3000 years ago, we provide detailed sculptures, finished by hand for quality without compromise. Each of our products, powerlifting trophies included, is manufactured and hand-finished right here in the UK. As such, any recipient of our trophies are sure to keep hold of that gift for many years.

Our powerlifting range

We offer a wide range of powerlifting trophies, as well as bespoke, custom-made services that ensure your statuette trophy is 100% suited to its recipient. With personalisation in mind, we’ll work closely with you to develop trophies that reflect their unique powerlifting achievements. Or, you can invest in one of the many pieces we already have within our range, including our iconic mounted dumbbells.

Our very own Mark Fox has over thirty years experience creating a wide range of custom trophies for happy customers across North Yorkshire and beyond, focused on unique pieces that stand apart from the ‘mass-production’ so many companies fall foul to at the moment. Instead, he uses time-honoured moulding techniques to achieve a finished product that you’re proud to put your name to.

Sizing your powerlifting trophy

Within our existing powerlifting range, we offer statues sized from as little as 35cm right up to 54cm. Obviously, you can hand-pick your sizing if you’re working with us on a bespoke piece, but some considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind include -

Your price range
The achievement you’re awarding
The style preferences of your recipient

Given that trophies are also designed for display, you’ll want to bear in mind the display capabilities of the recipient you have in mind. In most cases, smaller trophies sit easier in prime places on shelves, etc. allowing your recipient to keep their quality trophy in pride of place in a way that simply wouldn’t be possible with larger options.

The benefits of bespoke powerlifting trophies

The benefits of giving a trophy speak for themselves. Few things beat seeing the smile on someone’s face as you help them to recognise and celebrate their achievements. Still, a mass-made trophy from a gift shop will never have the same appeal as a bespoke, hand-finished statuette from Fox Mouldings. By investing in our pieces, you can enjoy benefits including -

Detailed designs incorporated during moulding
Custom touches that really show you care
Quality products that stand the test of time
Fantastic service that you can rely on

If you’re in the market for a powerlifting trophy with real weight behind it right now, then don’t hesitate to browse our collections, or contact us to discuss your needs on 01845574243 today.